OMG is a great place to work, and we work hard at keeping it that way. We drive to exceed our customer’s expectations using continuous improvement and product development tools. We achieve success by executing dynamic and innovative growth strategies and providing outstanding sales and customer service. We are dedicated to the individual development of each and every employee.


We offer our customers the flexibility to meet their needs in real-time and the ability to anticipate and respond to unique challenges that face them with our deep understanding of the technical aspects of their businesses. We reach out regularly to ask what customers want and need—it is the only way we know that we will continue to add to their value!

OMG Roofing Products

OMG Roofing Products is a leading supplier of roofing fasteners, adhesives, roof drains, rooftop pipe supports and solar mounts, as well as proprietary installation technology for the low-slope or “flat” roofing market. We sell to commercial roof system manufacturers such as Carlisle, Firestone, GAF, Johns Manville and Sika-Sarnafil among others, as well as through a nationwide network of roofing distributors. More than 65% of all commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in the United States has one or more of our products on their roof!  We support and drive our leading share position through a large direct field sales force in North America, China and in Western Europe.


FastenMaster is committed to offering professional contractors fastening solutions that improve jobsite safety and increase productivity.  We believe that by developing products that make various types of construction faster, stronger, easier, and safer, everyone wins.  FastenMaster products provide installation benefits to remodelers, professional deck builders, residential framers, home builders, and floor installers. Our products are widely used in residential decking, residential wood framing, and flooring installations among others. Our market-leading brands include the LOKLine of structural wood fasteners, Cortex hidden fastening systems for deck & trim, Tiger Claw hidden deck clip systems, and the PAMFast AutoFeed screw systems.  These products can be found throughout North America at lumberyards and major home centers such as The Home Depot and Lowe’s, all supported by a large direct field sales team.

Continuous Improvement

We streamline work and reduce waste using Continuous Improvement (CI) tools including GEMBA, Kanban, Kaizen, and Visual Management. This is a great way for us to become more efficient and effective, which adds value to the customer’s bottom line. Having used these tools and others for well over a decade, continuous improvement is strongly ingrained into our culture to the point where our teams identify improvement opportunities in the most unexpected places, creating an environment that nurtures innovation and fosters a sense of ownership and pride for all. 

Employee Development

Our goal is to help every employee grow and develop professionally in some way every year.  Providing learning and professional development opportunities is a critical aspect of every job—from entry-level employees to executives. Continuous learning is a key strategy for building sustainable careers and our focus in this area makes our team better and our company stronger. Learning and development at OMG takes place not only in formal training programs, but also on the job—through new challenges and developmental assignments, developmental feedback, conversations, and mentoring.



Company secures first fastener sale.


Company opens first manufacturing plant in Agawam, Mass.


Company has record production year, manufacturing 100,000,000 fasteners.


Company develops and introduces Log Home Fasteners.


Company is first to develop a wind uplift test deck to conduct wind tests using Factory Mutual test procedures.


Company acquired by Handy & Harman, Inc.


Company establishes FastenMaster Division.


Company acquires U-Flow Drains establishes the OlyFlow Product Line.


Company introduces the RhinoBond System, the first non-penetrating, induction based, roof attachment method in North America.


FastenMaster introduces TrapEase, the first composite deck screw that does not mushroom.


Company introduces OlyBond Insulation Adhesive, a two-part, low rise polyurethane foam.


Company acquires RAC Drains to further expand the OlyFlow Product Line.


Company introduces PipeGuard Pipe Support Product Line.


Company changes name to OMG, Inc.


OMG breaks ground on 130,000 sq. ft. addition to its manufacturing plant in Agawam, Mass.


OMG expands its Roofing Products Division by acquiring the line of roofing fasteners from ITW/Buildex.


FastenMaster introduces Cortex, the industry's first hidden fastening system.


OMG Roofing Products hires it's first employee based in China.


OMG Roofing Products introduces the next generation of RhinoBond with an easy-to-use stand-up induction welding tool.


FastenMaster acquires Tiger Claw, market leading brand of concealed deck fastening clip systems.


OMG Roofing Products hires it's first employee based in Europe.


OMG purchases new office and warehousing in Agawam, Mass., to accommodate FastenMaster's growth.


OMG acquires W.P. Hickman and expands its roofing product offering to include edge metal systems. 


FastenMaster acquires PAM Fastening Technology.


OMG Roofing Products acquires its OlyBond adhesive line from ER Systems, an ITW Company.


OMG breaks ground on $15 M heat treat operation at its main facility in Agawam, Mass.


OMG relocates it's mid-West manufacturing and warehousing operations into a combined 135,000 sq. ft. facility in Addison, IL.


OMG Roofing Products opens its first European warehouse in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.


OMG Roofing Products introduces OlyBond500 Canisters, a new & equipment free method for applying OlyBond500 adhesive.


OMG Roofing Products expands the RhinoBond product family introducing the RhinoBond Hand Welder and Plate Marking Tools.


OMG relocates it's existing Charlotte warehouse into a new, larger facility to support the growth of Roofing Products and Fastenmaster.


FastenMaster introduces NLB Connector.


OMG expands warehouse capacity with additional 60,000 Square feet in Agawam, MA.


FastenMaster introduces TrussBrace.


OMG Roofing Products expands fastener production in Agawam, MA and Addison, IL with the opening of a new facility in Glendale Heights, IL.